The sole distributor in Asia

We deliver niche and distinctive games
to all of our global partners, using an
innovative technology stack.

About us

Gamatron is a games supplier and game platform aggregator, providing top quality iGaming experiences. We develop online games which not only incorporate the hottest trends, but we curate and deliver ground-breaking, fresh content to our global partners, distributing our games to the international market.


Developing in HTML5, and Android / iOS / Windows / Unity supported

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Our aggregator platform has been designed from scratch, so that we are able to utilise the most up-to-date technology stacks. We are confident that our own games, as well as the games and features we develop through our global co-operative partnerships, present a further shift forward in the continuing evolution of technology Combining cutting-edge CDN and cloud technology.



Gamatron's integration expertise provides a high level of engagement to suit all client's requirements.

On-line services

To fulfill players’ and clients’ urgent requirements, our customer service representatives work online 24/7 to solve any technical and transaction issues. We also provide issue tracking and project management systems to make sure that all clients’ issues are taken care of.


Back office

Gamatron delivers the best slot games, combined with a comprehensive back-end platform, where clients can view and export all transaction details and financial data with strict accesses. This powerful analytics foundation will improve your business performance.

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